Bag, Tag & Label

Proper part identification is an important concern in the manufacturing industry. Precision machine parts are complex and can have various levels of revisions. The time and effort wasted in trying to locate unmarked items is a hidden profit drainer.  The identification process is crucial, but, at the same time, so confusing that most manufacturers don’t place the proper emphasis on … Read More

4140 steel extension

Nickel plated, heat treated 4140 steel extension with left hand metric thread. 4140 steel extension

Tapered plugs chillers and heat exchangers

Tapered plugs are used to repair and stop leaks in condensers, chillers and  heat exchangers. They are driven into tube ends with a soft faced  hammer until seated and sealed tight eliminating  future leaks. Welding is optional depending on your application. Select a plug where the middle diameter will approximately match your tubing ID. It is best not to drive the plug in … Read More

Machined White UHMW Plastic

New machined white UHMW plastic T-nut compared to a worn green reprocessed part. If your machine or equipment is wearing out, don’t replace the whole machine with an expensive new one.  Have MLP reverse engineer and machine a replacement part(s) and keep that equipment running. Machined White UHMW Plastic

Conveyor Drive Shaft

MLP is working on producing a “Conveyor Drive Shaft” for the food processing industry. They begin with a 1-1/2 Square bar material, grade 303 SS, measuring 30” long. They proceed to turning journals on each end, measuring .9995 -.001, using a 20” x 60” engine lathe with a tail stock for support. The last step will be to add a … Read More

Laser Engraved part

Here is a Stainless steel threaded adapter, 1-1/4 -7 by 7/8-9, produced by MLP.  Notice that the part includes a laser engraved part number.  Another example of the fine quality work made in the USA by MLP. Laser Engraved part

ProtoTrac Mill

Aluminum casting machined, drilled & tapped in a ProtoTrac Mill. Then the two journals are turned off center in the lathe. ProtoTrac Mill

Aluminum Casting Haas CNC

Here is another example of the high quality precision machine components, fabrications and assemblies made at MLP.  In the image below is an aluminum casting that was produced on one of our Haas CNC machines.  Another high quality part made in the USA by MidLantic Precision, Inc. Aluminum Casting Haas CNC

Utilizing our CNC Lathe

Here is another example of MLP utilizing our CNC lathe by using a 304 Stainless Steel flange. The original flange was reverse engineered by MLP for our customer.  After the reverse engineering was completed, the part was produced by using our CNC lathe and our Haas CNC milling machine.  MLP was not only able to reverse engineer, but also produce … Read More