Tapered plugs chillers and heat exchangers

Tapered plugs are used to repair and stop leaks in condensers, chillers and  heat exchangers. They are driven into tube ends with a soft faced  hammer until seated and sealed tight eliminating  future leaks. Welding is optional depending on your application. Select a plug where the middle diameter will approximately match your tubing ID. It is best not to drive the plug in … Read More

Machined White UHMW Plastic

New machined white UHMW plastic T-nut compared to a worn green reprocessed part. If your machine or equipment is wearing out, don’t replace the whole machine with an expensive new one.  Have MLP reverse engineer and machine a replacement part(s) and keep that equipment running. Machined White UHMW Plastic

Case Study:Production Line Halts, OEM item obsolete, MLP’s Reverse Engineering

Case Study:Production Line Halts, OEM item obsolete, MLP’s Solution: Reverse Engineering Case Study:Production Line Halts.  An International medical supplies manufacturer is threatened with a production line coming to a halt.  The manufacturer wants to avoid the production line slowing or worse, shutting down completely, and choking off production of their much needed products. Reason: The OEM supplier of a critical … Read More

Restore the Accuracy of a Worn Machine


MIDLANTIC Precision used Double lead Acme threads in 954 Bronze to restore the accuracy of a worn machine. © 2015 MLPWORKS “With Skill Comes Success • Quality American Craftsmanship” Worn Machine