Conveyor Drive Shaft

MLP is working on producing a “Conveyor Drive Shaft” for the food processing industry. They begin with a 1-1/2 Square bar material, grade 303 SS, measuring 30” long. They proceed to turning journals on each end, measuring .9995 -.001, using a 20” x 60” engine lathe with a tail stock for support. The last step will be to add a … Read More

Utilizing our CNC Lathe

Here is another example of MLP utilizing our CNC lathe by using a 304 Stainless Steel flange. The original flange was reverse engineered by MLP for our customer.  After the reverse engineering was completed, the part was produced by using our CNC lathe and our Haas CNC milling machine.  MLP was not only able to reverse engineer, but also produce … Read More

DC Current Monarch Lathe


Our Vintage DC Current Monarch Lathe. Still making high precision parts today. DC Current Monarch Lathe