NJFPA annual conference

Thank you for stopping by and visiting our display at the 2016 NJFPA annual conference. It was our pleasure to personally meet many of you as we mingled together between the different speakers and over a great lunch. Once more our association leaders did a great job in selecting a pleasant venue and inspiring speakers. The question we heard most often was “Hey, what do … Read More

Food Processing Industry

UHMW Cutting Wheel

One industry that Midlantic Precision Inc. works with is the food processing industry. In the photo below you will see an 8″ diameter UHMW cutting wheel.  MLP modified the UHMW to improve the efficiency of the cutting wheel. MLP works with many different industries to modify parts to make them more efficient, thus improving the productivity. MLP can modify, improved … Read More

Water Jet Cut Part

Steel latch with water jet cut perimeter with ‪‎machined‬ face and hub. Water Jet Cut

Haas Machine Tool Coolant Video

Check out the Haas Machine Tool Coolant video. This first video in our Machine Tool Coolant Video Series takes a look at the tools most often used during the preparation of machine tool coolant and coolant… Machine Tool Coolant

Made from solid 6061 Aluminum


Here is another example of the quality products we produce at MIDLANTIC Precision, Inc. This piece is a finish machined housing made from solid 6061 Aluminum. Machining of this utilized many of our capabilities, including the manual lathe with a 4 jaw chuck & tailstock. ProtoTrak milling & tapping, and CNC 6 lead thread milling. © 2015 MLPWORKS  “With Skill … Read More

Red Anodized 6061 Aluminum Cap


Red anodized 6061 Aluminum cap with internal pipe thread. © 2015 MLPWORKS  “With Skill Comes Success • Quality American Craftsmanship” Red Anodized

Restore the Accuracy of a Worn Machine


MIDLANTIC Precision used Double lead Acme threads in 954 Bronze to restore the accuracy of a worn machine. © 2015 MLPWORKS “With Skill Comes Success • Quality American Craftsmanship” Worn Machine

American manufacturing is not in decline

Losing bad jobs in favor of better, higher-paying jobs is not decline. While visiting a steel plant in Indiana in October, President Obama described the recent gains in American manufacturing employment as a reversal from previous decades when “everybody said American manufacturing is going downhill.” But has manufacturing really been going downhill? Not exactly. News outlets including CNN, NPR and … Read More