Case hardened steel is a unique material

Case hardened steel is a unique material coupling a hard and wear resistant outer skin with a tough impact resistant core. The result is a material with desirable properties for harsh environments such as automotive gearboxes and drive train components. The nature and use of components produced in case hardened steel demand high and repeatable machined tolerances, surface finishes and … Read More

Bronze triangle bearing

Bronze triangle bearing

Bronze triangle bearing machined on SMX ProtoTrak mill with installed 1/8 NPT grease fitting.

5″ Axle Saddle

5″ Axle Saddle 3D machining on our #Haas VF4. Programmed using #Fusion 360 – 1018 mild steel 2*6*10 #in

Happy New Year

MLP wishes you and your families a Happy New Year as we look forward to 2017.

Holiday Gratitude

Gratitude ( grat-i-tood ) noun 1. the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful We want to express our  deep gratitude for your business and  growing relationships since 1976. It has been our pleasure to provide to you, our dear friends, customers and associates, precision machining services this past year. Serving others and providing value is at the core … Read More

Custom Vacuum Plate

Combining 6016 Aluminum and clear Lexan for a custom vacuum plate. We have you covered on all of your assemblies.  Contact us for your project.

Reverse engineered

Finished product machined from Delrin on a #haas VF4. Reverse engineered from a damaged sample and programmed on #fusion360 for the cam cycle of a #Delrin star wheel.

Paul Martz, MLP founder

In 1976, the average gallon of gas was .59, and the average price  for a new home was $54K. In that same year, our founder, Paul Martz, did a very un-average thing and started his own precision manufacturing company. Paul had an eye for detail from the customer’s perspective, and with this skill, he launched the start-up of what MLP … Read More

Reverse Engineer

Send us your worn or obsolete part. We will reverse engineer it and create a blue print for future orders. Reverse Engineer

NJFPA annual conference

Thank you for stopping by and visiting our display at the 2016 NJFPA annual conference. It was our pleasure to personally meet many of you as we mingled together between the different speakers and over a great lunch. Once more our association leaders did a great job in selecting a pleasant venue and inspiring speakers. The question we heard most often was “Hey, what do … Read More